Ban Appeal Format & Rules

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Ban Appeal Format & Rules

Post by Tujo on Sun Sep 20, 2015 11:05 am

Ban Appeal Format & Rules

  • Do not make another ban appeal after being declined.
  • Do not bump your thread unless 48 hours has passed without an admins response.
  • Do not insult/provoke the banning administrator or the staff team in the ban appeal.
  • Do not provide false information.
  • Do not reply to a ban appeal unless you're an administrator.
  • Do not post a ban appeal on behalf of somebody else.
  • Do not leave the banning administrator in the thread title blank.


  • The thread title should be "Admin Name who banned you - Your Ingame name"
  • Please, do put effort and a lot of detail into your appeal, not just "I want to get unbanned, kthxbai"
  • Do not ban evade, this will just lower your chances of ever getting unbanned.
  • Do not bump or pm the admin who banned you to check your appeal. It gets checked when it gets checked.

[color=#0000FF]IG Name[/color]:
[color=#0000FF]Admin who banned you[/color]:
[color=#0000FF]Reason of Ban[/color]:
[color=#0000FF]Date of Ban[/color]:

[color=#0000FF]Why do you think that you should get unbanned?[/color]:

[color=#0000FF]What happend that got you banned?[/color]:


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