Report A Player Format & Rules

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Report A Player Format & Rules

Post by Tujo on Sun Sep 20, 2015 11:15 am

Report A Player Format & Rules

If you are involved in or witnessed an incident where another (non-staff) player has broken a server rule on purpose, you can submit a report here in order to resolve the matter.

The existence of this section is not to get other players punished. It is primarily here to RESOLVE a scene where you have clear evidence of intentional server rule breaking. You should only submit a report if you have failed at resolving the issue yourself.

General Rules
Violating these rules may result in a forum warning.

1. When an administrator announces his/her decision on a report, that decision is final.

2. Do not use offensive language in reports. Do not insult, flame, provoke or argue.

3. Always provide evidence when backing up (confirming) someones story of events.

4. You are not allowed to lie or leave out any information in a report.

5. You are not allowed to report a player multiple times for the same offence.

6. Please specify your full in-game name clearly when first responding to a report.

7. Do not report staff members here. You can report them here instead.

8. Do not argue or post multiple replies to a report unless you are asked to by an administrator.

9. If you are eligible for a refund after a verdict has been given, post a refund request.

10. Only the person who reported and the reported player(s) have the right to respond ONCE to the report until an administrator calls it. The replies are to be brief and if possible, provide evidence supporting your words.

Submission Rules
Violating these rules may result in a forum warning, and you will be asked to fix your thread.

1. You must use the correct format displayed below when submitting a report. The format may not be changed, modified or edited in any way.

2. All areas of the format must be filled out in full detail. This includes the date and time, which must be correct and cannot be filled in as "now" or "x minutes ago".

3. Evidence is mandatory. Acceptable forms of evidence are:

Screenshots. (Not edited)

Chatlogs is not an acceptable form of evidence.

[b]Your IG Name:[/b]

[b]Their IG Name:[/b]

[b]Date and Time of when this happend:[/b]

[b]Rule numbers broken by the reported player? (Use[/b]

[b]Please explain what happend:[/b]



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