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Post by Tujo on Sun Sep 20, 2015 10:57 am

I:RP Rules

1. Do not Metagame. 30-90 minutes Admin Jail
Examples of Metagaming

Mixing OOC & IC knowledge and information.
Using knowledge gained from another character.
Roleplaying any current or historical link between your own character.
Allowing a faction member re-join on another character and receive the same power/rank.

2. Do not Powergame. 30-90 minutes Admin Jail
Examples of Powergaming

Performing unrealistic actions / failing to roleplay appropriate fear.
Forcing actions on players whilst ignoring reactions (including using /attempt on players).
Roleplaying CCTV, automated security systems, dash-cams etc.
Concealing items, wearing specialist clothes (Gloves etc) or performing skilled actions (Defusing, Operating etc) without appropriate roleplay / screenshots.
Roleplaying a non-human character.
You can not force somebody to Character Kill without written consent or Senior Team approval.
You cannot burn properties / commit terrorism without permission from an Advanced+ admin.
You are not allowed to sexually assault, rape or mutilate another player without OOC consent.
Transferring of large objects without appropriate roleplay is not allowed (IE. /sellfirearm of Kevlar, AK47's, M4's etc, or any other weapon that cannot be holstered).

3. Do not Deathmatch. 30-90 minutes Admin Jail
Examples of Deathmatching

Killing someone for no reason / with a poor reason.
Continously hitting somebody with your car / parking your car on them.
Revenge killing (killing people after they have killed you where your character should have forgotten about them / the kill).

4. Do not cheat, hack, bug abuse or use programs / mods that provide an unfair advantage. Perm Ban
Examples of the above

Hacks, unfair mods, CamHack and / or automated key binders.
Do not play I:RP using a VPN without permission by the Staff Team.

5. You should always roleplay properly and realistically. 15-90 minutes Admin Jail
Examples of unrealistic or improper behaviour

Illegal adverts / unrealistic adverts (including cover ups)
Claiming you are not IC unless an admin has given you an OOC tag.
Using names that are not realistic; you cannot use famous names.
If you are shot close range in the head whilst in injury mode with a /me, or if you fail an operation, then you are PK'd (or CK'd if you want that).
AFK in public.
If you enter death-mode, and then survive an operation, you may not return to the same scene for 20 minutes once the operation ends.
If you are put it into death-mode during a bank-robbery, you may only return 60 minutes after a successful operation.
If you allow your character to die in a role play situation, you force a CK on yourself.
Quitting during death-mode or whilst in a roleplay scene without the agreement of the other party.
Abusing GTA/SA-MP Physics (C-Bugging, Driver Driveby, Double Tap, Rapid Fire Driveby, Bunny Hopping, Olympic Swimming, Chicken Running, Circle Shooting etc) where it gives you unfair advantage.
Players are expected to display acceptable English spelling / grammar in IC chats and public OOC chats (exception for SMS).

6. You should not disrespect or be rude. 15-60 minutes Admin Jail
Examples of disrespectful or rude behaviour

Harassing or insulting other players and staff members.
Moaning / refusing to RP during a scene via /b or /do.
OOC lying is prohibited.
PM'ing staff members with requests.
Random Provoking IC is prohibited.

7. The scam/rob/fine limit is $25,000. Removal of Profit + 15-60 minutes Admin Jail
Please note the following

Property cannot be scammed, however money can be scammed during property sales.
You cannot scam, rob or fine players under level 3. All money gained from them must be paid back.
You can only be fined up to a maximum of $1,000 per player level, from level 3 & above. (E.G. A level 3 can be fined to a maximum of $3,000 - a level 16 can be fined up to $16,000).
Weapons/drugs are not classed as property, and are not protected by this rule.
If you accept an IC loan and don't pay as agreed, they can rob/scam you up to 3X the loan value, including property.

8. Stealing from corpses randomly, mass toolkitting property, mass searching for weapons and/or stealing/using equipment that come from government lockers / property is prohibited. Removal of Goods + 30-60 minutes Admin Jail

9. All accounts are owned by the creator; they cannot be shared, given or sold to anyone else. Perm Ban

10. OOC trades / gambling are permitted as long as they do not involve IRL cash and are not publicly advertised. OOC / IC mixing in trades is prohibited. Removal of Property + 30-60 minutes Admin Jail

Maximum admin jail time per situation is 90 minutes.

Certain offences above may result in a kick (afk, spamming etc) or an account ban (celebrity name etc).




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